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Bill Holcombe, Jr., President

Bill Holcombe, Jr.
Musicians Publications

Bill was born in 1955 and raised in Trenton, New Jersey in a large family of six children.  He grew up surrounded by music with his mother, a voice professor, and father, a composer/publisher/woodwind doubler. As a child he and his five sisters sang regularly with his father’s Big Band, and made several recordings on the “One Hundred and One Strings” label in the mid-sixties. Bill later attended The New England Conservatory where he studied with Tomas E. Newel and earned a BA in Applied Music from Temple University, where he studied with Nolan Miller and played as an extra with the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Bill joined the U.S. Army in 1981 and was stationed at Ft. Monroe with The U.S. Continental Army Band. In 1982 he won his present position (3rd horn) with the Virginia Symphony Orchestra. In 1998 Bill received an Honorable Discharge from active duty and continued to serve in the reserves for several years. He has many published Brass and Woodwind Quintets arrangements to his credit and currently works as an arranger and music typographer for Musicians Publications.

Bill, Jr worked with his father for the past 35 years in both the arranging and topography aspects of Musicians Publications.  As a result, Bill brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his new role as president of musicians Publications.  he has been arranging music for both large and small ensembles for the past 23 years.  He has also done most of the typography and engraving for the business over the last 13 years.  With the guidance of his father he has learned the business from the ground up and brings all of his years of experience as well as that of his father’s legacy to the company.

Bill is married to Kristie Meyers Holcombe and has three children, Jennifer, Phillip and Kaitlynn. In his spare time Bill enjoys long walks with his four daschunds at the Mariners Museum, Seashore State and Newport News parks. Bill’s favorite moment during concerts occurs when a chill goes up his spine and reminds him that, that’s what it’s all about!