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Contemporary Flute Solos in Pop/Jazz Style (Audio Download)


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Contemporary Flute Solos in Pop/Jazz Style is the companion Audio Download to the book (FS001).  All compositions by Bill Holcombe and George Genna.  

Contents of the CD:

1.  Sapphire (Flute and Piano)
2.  Lazy Afternoon (Flute and Piano)
3.  Firefly (Flute and Piano)
4.  Weeping Willow (Flute and Piano)
5.  Uptown (Flute and Piano)
6.  Only You (Flute and Piano)
7.  Swingin' Flutist (Flute and Piano)
8.  Blue Monday (Flute and Piano)
9.  First Flower (Flute and Piano)
10. City Lights (Flute and Piano)
11. Sapphire (Piano Only)
12. Lazy Afternoon (Piano Only)
13. Firefly (Piano Only)
14. Weeping Willow (Piano Only)
15.  Uptown (Piano Only)
16.  Only You (Piano Only)
17. Swingin' Flutist (Piano Only)
18. Blue Monday (Piano Only)
19.  First Flower (Piano Only)
20. City Lights (Piano Only)

The fully downloadable product is available in ZIP format containing each track in MP3 format.

Product Code: CS803


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