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Creative Arranging at the Piano (Book and CD)


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Creative Arranging at the Piano (Book and CD)
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Bill Holcombe; A great book for band and choral directors, keyboard players, guitarists, students and anyone interested in arranging music! Now you can have step-by-step lessons on all the ways you can put together top-notch arrangements. Creative Arranging is an in-depth look at the active elements of the arrangers craft: harmonic and rhythmic devices, modulations and transitions, expansions of the basic chords and melody of the lead sheet, intros and cadences, motion suprise, color and texture. This book includes dozens and dozens of great, easy to understand musical examples. Creative Arranging is a thorough and fascinating book to understanding the fundamentals of the arrangers art.

Contents of the Included CD:

1.  Harmonic Devices
2.  Rhythmic Devices
3.  Six-nine Chords and Clusters
4.  Applied Dominant Embellishments
5.  Adding Motion to Inner Voices
6.  Filling Out a Lead Sheet
7.  Constructing Introductions
8.  Progressions to Fill Cadences
9.  Modulation
10. Transition
11. New Rhythmic Settings
12. Outlining an Arrangement

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