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12 Intermediate Jazz Etudes for Clarinet (Book and CD)


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12 Intermediate Jazz Etudes for Clarinet (Book and CD)
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Bill Holcombe; Grades 2-3; These performance etudes are written in the universal language -- JAZZ! These are based on chord changes from today's most popular jazz-rock standards. The CD recording includes a complete performance of each etude with rhythm section accompaniment. it also has the rhythm section minus the solo for hours of play-along fun.

Contents of the Included CD:


Performance with Clarient and Rhythm Section:

1.  Tuning Note
2.  Goin to See the Man in Bb
3.  Apple-Shine in C
4.  Sweet Greeting in Am
5.  Bright Eyes in Am
6.  Hasta Manana in F
7.  After Hours in Dm
8.  Desert Moon in Dm
9.  Neon Nights in Eb
10. Green Pastures in Bb
11. Best of Friends in Eb
12. Winning Ways in G
13. Charlie's Park in G

Play Along Etudes with Rhythm Section

14.  Tuning Note
15.  Goin to See the Man in Bb
16.  Apple-Shine in C
17.  Sweet Greeting in Am
18.  Bright Eyes in Am
19.  Hasta Manana in F
20.  After Hours in Dm
21.  Desert Moon in Dm
22.  Neon Nights in Eb
23. Green Pastures in Bb
24. Best of Friends in Eb
25. Winning Ways in G
26. Charlie's Park in G

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