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12 Intermediate Jazz Etudes for Alto Saxophone (Book and CD)


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12 Intermediate Jazz Etudes for Alto Saxophone(Book and CD)
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Bill Holcombe; Grades 2-3; These 12 jazz and jazz/rock solos are for the progressing alto player. This book offers all the fun and challenge of the 24 Jazz Etudes (JE003), but at an easier level. The recoding CD includes a complete performance of each etude solo with rhythm section accompaniment. It also has the rhythm section minus the solo for hours of play-along fun.

Contents of the CD:

Performance with Alto Saxophone and Rhythm Section

1.  Tuning Note
2.  Goin to See the Man in Bb
3.  Apple-Shine in C
4.  Sweet Greeting in Am
5.  Bright Eyes in Am
6.  Hasta Manana in F
7.  After Hours in Dm
8.  Desert Moon in Dm
9.  Neon Nights in Eb
10. Green Pastures in Bb
11. Best of Friends in Eb
12. Winning Ways in G
13. Charlie's Park in G

Play Along Etudes with Rhythm Section

14.  Tuning Note
15.  Goin to See the Man in Bb
16.  Apple-Shine in C
17.  Sweet Greeting in Am
18.  Bright Eyes in Am
19.  Hasta Manana in F
20.  After Hours in Dm
21.  Desert Moon in Dm
22.  Neon Nights in Eb
23. Green Pastures in Bb
24. Best of Friends in Eb
25. Winning Ways in G
26. Charlie's Park in G


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